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Posts for October 2019

Reminder: City of Hot Springs Snow Removal Policy

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With recent snowfall in the Hot Springs area, the City of Hot Springs would like to remind residents of the snow removal policy. We have copied the text of the policy below, but it can also be found on the "FAQ" page of the City Website:

Snow removal will start after the storm has ended unless conditions warrant earlier removal. Sanding will be up to the discretion of the driver and the City. City streets will be cleared to the curb or as close as possible.

The snow plows will make two (2) to three (3) passes on a street, driving lanes first. For proper snow removal and snow melt runoff, any and all obstructions must be removed from the city street prior to the beginning of snow removal.

Main Streets: Snow 2” or less will be removed from Chicago Street, North River Street and University Avenue only

High Use Routes: Snow 2” to 4” will be removed from Main Streets and the High Use Routes which include: Minnekahta Avenue, 23rd Street, Canton Avenue from 23rd to Evanston, Evanston to 6th Street, 6th Street from Detroit to Indianapolis, Galveston Avenue from 6th Street to the Truck Bypass, 14th Street from Galveston Avenue to Canton Avenue, Summit Road, Happy Hollow, 19th and 20th Streets from Truck Bypass to University and 5th Street, Clubhouse Drive, Meadowlark Drive from Clubhouse Drive to Hwy. 71

Hills: Streets that contain a noticeable grade

Snow 4” or more will be removed in order of: Main Streets, High Use Routes, Hills, and then all remaining streets.

Snow fall totals that result in a large windrow will be removed from the curb or pushed to corners and piled on Chicago, Jennings, from Chicago to North River, and North River only after all streets are cleared.

It is the responsibility of the City to clear the streets and in the process, driveways and cars will be blocked. It will not be the responsibility of the City to clear them. We will not and cannot clear driveways or any private property. We will not return if a car is moved after the streets are cleared.

We ask that all cars, trailers, campers, boats, etc. be removed from the streets to lessen the chance of personal property damage and to help us do a better job of snow removal.

As a reminder, City Ordinance, Title VII: Traffic Code, Chapter 70 section 70.09 (D) prohibits snow removed from driveways or parking lots from being deposited onto any public sidewalk or street, except where expressly permitted by the Street Superintendent, so please do not pile snow into these areas.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Free Dump Week Details - Sept. 30 through Oct. 4. 2020

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The City of Hot Spring is offering residents the opportunity to dispose of household quantities of bulky items at the end of their useful life, such as appliances, furniture, junk, etc. free of charge. Proof of address is required for participation. Either a City of Hot Springs utility bill, or a piece of mail dated within the last 30 days is acceptable. Participants may also be asked to present ID.

Participants are allowed unlimited loads so long as the following conditions are met:

1. Proof of residency is established
2. Waste being disposed of is from residences only: waste from commercial activities will not be accepted
3. Participant is cooperative, respectful and unloads waste where directed by City employees
4. The City of Hot Springs will not accept the following: tires, paint, cardboard, clothing, plastic bags, paper or household trash.
5. The City will only accept air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers that have been emptied of Freon and are appropriately tagged as such.

The City of Hot Springs retains the right to refuse free solid waste disposal if the above conditions are not satisfied.

Thank you for doing your part to make Hot Springs a
cleaner and more appealing place to live!

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Notice of Quorum for October 7, 2019 Admin-Finance Meeting

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This is to serve as notice that a quorum of the Hot Springs City Council may be in attendance at a meeting of the Administrative and Finance Committee. The meeting will be held at City Hall, 303 N. River St. Hot Springs, SD, on Monday the 7th of October beginning at 1:00PM.

DATED this 1st day of October, 2019

Misty Summers-Walton

Finance Officer

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