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Planning and Zoning Commission

  • Purpose: The seven members of the Planning & Zoning Commission are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for 5-year terms.  The PZC is responsible for developing and maintaining the Comprehensive Plan; for updating and revising the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances as needed or required by law; for reviewing and making recommedations to the City Council regarding proposed development or land use changes within the City. The Commission's powers and duties are specifically enumerated in SDCL 1106 and in the City's Municipal Code.

The Planning & Zoning Commission meet on the third Wednesday of every month in the conference room of the City Hall, located at 313 North River Street, Hot Springs.


Don Olstad, Chairman 2014-2019
Steve Preheim, Vice-Chair 2019-2023
Wayne Hageman, Secretary 2014-2019
James Forbord 2017-2022
Joni Hill 2015-2020
Christine Heidebrink
Dwight Wynia 2015-2020
George Kotti, Mayor Ex-officio Member

Comprehensive Plan -

  • Each municipality within the State of South Dakota is required by codified law, to develop and maintain on a 10-year cycle, a Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a guide for the future development of the community and is under the stewardship of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Please contact City Hall at 605-745-3135 for inquiries about our active Comprehensive Plan. Residents are welcome to review the progress we are making, submit suggestions or volunteer.  

Right of Way (ROW) Abandonment

  • The vacation of streets and alley is governed by Section 27-A.08.05.D and Section 28.03.04 of the Hot Springs Code of Ordinances and SDCL  9-45.  A replat of the approved abandoned right of way will be required for filing with the County and shall be the responsibility of the petitioner.


  • Sidewalks, their maintenace, construction and management is governed by Chapter 22 of the Hot Springs Code or Ordinances.  Key points of the ordinance are:
  1. All sidewalks shall be constructed of concrete and their width is based on their zoning district.
  2. It is the responsibility of the landowner to which the sidewalk abuts to keep the sidewalk in good repair and clear of all obstructions, including vegetation, snow and ice.
  3. A permit is required for construction of any new curb, gutter or sidewalk or substantial improvement (demo and replace) of any existing curb, gutter or sidewalk.

Sign Permits

  • Signs are regulated under Section 27-A.06.07 of the Hot Springs Code of Ordinances.  Key points of the sign ordinances are:
  1. Any new sign, new location or new sign size within the Historic District requires the approval of the Historic Preservation Commission.
  2. Sign structures housing multiple business signs shall be considered a structure and will require a Building Permit
  3. Typically the fee for sign permits are $25 per sign installed.