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  1. Community Character
  2. Community Facilities
  3. Economic Development
  4. Emergency Preparedness
  5. Introduction to the Plan
  6. Natural Resources
  7. Sustainability
  8. Transportation

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Click here for access to the 1981 Comprehensive Plan

Under SDCL Chapter 11-6 each South Dakota Municipality has to develop a Comprehensive Plan to aid in the development of each community.  In 1981 the City of Hot Springs completed their first and only Comprehensive Plan.  It was during a period when the southern hills were thought to be entering a 'boom' period with the production of energy - primarily uranium.  The 'boom' never happened yet the 1981 document still stays in place as our guiding planning document.

In 2015, in conjunction with SHEDCO and Dakota Resources, the city embarked on listening sessions to hear directly from the people what they were most proud of in their community and what they wanted to see for its future.  Thirty-nine listening sessions were held and in a community gathering held January 24, 2016 those ideas were grouped and defined and small working groups were established to follow through on each of the new initiatives.  The initiatives were: Housing, Health & Wellness, Recreation, Social Unity, Economic Development, Tourism and the Comprehensive Plan.


At the Community Gathering in January.

2016-17 Public Planning Process

  • The general plan for the development of the updated Comprehensive Plan is as follows:
    1.   Identify individuals who will take responsibility for a section of the plan.  As a Section Leader, they will develop their own working group by reaching out into the community for people who have specific knowledge, skill or interest in the topic to help start developing  the text to describe where we are - where we want to be - and what steps do we take to get there.
    2.   Each group will work with the Palnning Adminstrator to research and write their sections.
    3.   As sections near completion they will be brought before the Planning & Zoning Commision for vetting.  The PZC will be acting as overall comp. plan editors and will ensure all the parts fits together and create a cohesive, workable plan.
    4.   As each section is refined further, the PZC will bring sections before the City Council and the public for further vetting and input.
    5.   Final revisions are made on the text and work lists and are then set into formal chapters and are set with photographs, links, data and other supporting documentation.
    6.   When all chapters are completed a formal public hearing will be held with the Planning & Zoning Commission to ask one more time for public input and then to make recommendation to City Council for approval.
    7.  Once approved by the PZC the Comprehensive Plan draft goes before the City Council in another public hearing format for final comments and ultimately adoption of the plan.
    8.   The plan will then be printed or made available electronically for all citizens as well as municipal, county and state leaders.

We are hoping this process can be completed between 12-18 months.

Committee Members - From the Community Gathering we had a number of people sign up to become involved as community representatives for the Comprehensive Plan.  We still welcome members of the Hot Springs community to become involved in any way that works for their schedule and lifestyle.


Bob Henry General
Margaret Hunter Economic Development
Rajni Lerman Sustainability
Barbara Walter Housing, Health & Wellness & Tourism
Sarah Peterson
Joni Hill Housing
Wayne Hageman
Jeanie Montgomery
Scott Hayden
Ebun Adelona
Georgia Holmes
Rich Gericke
Tim Theusch
Gail Pinkleton
  • Click here to see the preliminary General Outline for the plan.

  • Community Input - We are always interested in hearing your ideas and are in need of volunteers to help with research, writing, photography, proofreading and other aspects of the planning process.