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Request for Proposals

City of Hot Springs - Armory Property

The City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, will accept proposals from qualified developers and builders for a PLANNED development in Hot Springs on the Armory Property located at the corner of 11 St. and Evanston Ave., and immediately West of Butler Park. Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 pm, Wednesday, November 11, 2020 and are to be submitted to: John Gregory, City Administrator, 303 N. River Street, Hot Springs, SD 57747.  Please email City Administrator for .pdf version of RFP for Armory Property. Respondent will submit 4 copies of proposal of no more than 10 pages front and back for the consideration by City Council in a sealed envelope with the words ‘RFP Armory Property’ written on it.

Acceptable development proposal options may include: Workforce Housing, Single-family Residential or Alternate-Use and shall meet ALL of the requirements and proposal standards as presented in the RFP. The City will open sealed bids at the City Council meeting Nov. 16th. Responsible RFP Proposals will be reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Commission for recommendation of approval for City Council consideration at the Dec. 7th meeting. The City will notify the satisfactory RFP Respondent (if available) on or before December 21st and begin the arrangements for property transfer. 

Hot Springs City Administrator
John Gregory


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