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City Council

We respectfully ask that you do not email all Council members at once but instead email them individually as necessary. The council is not allowed to "meet" without proper public notice and per SDCL 1-25-1, group email communications may constitute a meeting.

Bob Nelson
City: 605-745-3135 ext. 206
Cell: 605-890-2830
Email Bob 2020-2022
Larry Pratt
Home: 605-891-1968
Email Larry 2020-2022
Ward I

Craig Romey
Cell: 605-890-0433
Email Craig
Ward I
Bill Lukens
Cell: 605-440-3563
Email Bill

Ward II

David Burris
Cell: 605-891-3750
Email David 2019-2021
Ward II
Johnny Huddleston
Cell: 605-890-0325
Email Johnny 2020-2022
Ward III
Wes Grimes
Cell: 605-890-0384
 Email Wes 2020-2021
Ward III
Debra A Johnston
Cell: 605-890-0093
 Email Debra 2020-2021
Ward IV
Caitlin Turner
Cell: 605-891-1963
Email Caitlin 2020-2022
Ward IV

Hot Springs is divided into four wards - check the map below to determine your representatives.

Ward Map