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Zones - 
  • RA - Residential 'A':  Medium density residential development with uses which are compatible with residential uses such as religious, educational and recreational facilities.
  • RB - Residential 'B':  Medium to high residential density including mobile homes and other uses compatible with residential uses such as religious, educational and recreational facilities.
  • MR - Mountain Residential:  A residential zone intended to protect and preserve natural beauty and natural growth of the surrounding landscape.
  • GC - General Commercial:  A Commercial district for personal and business services as well as general business activity.  Includes the historic downtown area.
  • MXD-I - Mixed Use District I:  A mixed use development area intended to combine a variety of housing opportunities along with business opportunities such as offices, retail, service uses and live-work environments.
  • HS - Highway Service:  This district is established to accommodate specified retail and service activities that would be clustered around highway corridors.
  • GI - General Industrial:  A district established to provide areas for light manufacturing, processing, assembly plants, storage, warehousing and other similar uses.
  • GD - Greenway District: A district created to protect drainage ways and help alleviate flooding. 
  • NU - No Use District:  Certain lands in which the construction of permanent structures is prohibited pending study - often applied to newly annexed lands.
  • MGC - Golf Course:  Municipal golf course property.
  • GCRA - Golf Course Residential 'A':  A residential zone with clustered development and larger areas of space preserved to protect the natural elements of the golf course development.
  • GCC - Golf Course Commercial:  A business district adjacent to the golf course development for limited personal and business activity.
  • PUD - Planned Unit Development
  • AZ - Airport Zone
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Amendment to the District Zoning Map

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The Zoning Ordinance includes everything from zoning districts, setbacks, permitted uses, accessory structure requirements, parking  and signage requirements, home occupations, non-conforming uses, enforcement, variances and the vacating of right of ways.

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The Subdivision Ordinance was adopted to provide for the harmonious development of the city and its environs: for the coordination of streets within new subdivisions with other existing or planned streets and in concert with the Comprehensive Plan.

Manufactured Home Park License