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City Ordinance Title XV: Land Usage, Chapter 153: Flood Hazard Reduction - Flood Damage Prevention
  • The areas of special flood hazard identified by the federal Emergency Management Agency in a report titled, The Flood Insurance Study for Cityof Hot Springs, December 18, 2007 with accompanying Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) Numbers 46047C0125C, 46047C0128C, 46047C0136C and 46047C0137C were adopted as part the ordinance.
Click here to view the Hot Springs FEMA Maps - the numbers of the panels are listed above.
Click Here to view the FEMA 2007 Flood Insurance Study - Hot Springs

If you are doing work within a floodplain as identified on the FIRM maps we will be required to submit an Elevation Certificate.  Click here to access the Elevation Certificate

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) currently monitors a Flood Project within the City of Hot Springs that the municipality manages.  Click here to see the extent of the flood project in relationship to the city.

1947 Fall River flooding in Hot Springs

1947 Fall River flooding - Hot Springs SD

See the following links for more information about flood preparedness: