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It shall be unlawful for any individual proprietorship, partnership, firm or corporation who is in the business of:
  1. asphalt or concrete paving
  2. new siding installation
  3. 'spec home' building
  4. roofing
  5. demolition
  6. tree-cutting or trimming
  7. drywall installation
  8. underground sprinkler system installation
  9. landscaping or
  10. heating ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) installations

... as defined in Title XI: Business Regulations, Chapter 110.15: Licenses of the Hot Springs Code of Ordinances, to act in the capacity of a contractor without first being approved by the City of Hot Springs and having had issued to them a valid contractor's license by the Building Official.  A property owner may perform work on his/her own property does not need to be licensed.

Types of Contractor Licenses

  • Class A2:  The individual or company that is the General Contractor, Project Administrator or Project Manager in charge of any construction project in excess of $500,000

  • Class A:  The individual or company that is the Genral Contractor, Project Administrator or Project Manager in charge of any construction project up to $500,000

  • Class B:  A construction contractor for a construction project that does not exceed $35,000 in total valuation OR a sub-contractor on a construction project who's part or portion contracted for does not exceed 25% of the total valuation of the project

  • Class C:  An individual or company for hire to provide services of a paving contractor, dry wall/sheetrock contractor, HVAC contractor, underground sprinkler system contractor, tree service contractor or landscape contractor

  • Class TC: Trenching contractor [Title IX: General Regulations, Chapter 94.13 of the HS Code of Ordinances] Defined as persons trenching or excavating in public right-of-ways (streets, alleys or other public places) are required to have  a valid Hot Springs Trenching Contractor's License.

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