News for May 2014

From City Hall: Here comes the parade...

May 13, 2014

We have quite a few parades in Hot Springs. In the past, we have been relying on our police department to handle traffic control for the parades. It not only takes additional pay for our officers, but it causes our police department to be at work for a short time when normally they are off work, possibly sleeping, and this interrupts their time off duty.

I am grateful and thankful that the Legion Riders from the Battle Mountain American Legion have offered to handle traffic control for all of our parades. The South Dakota Department of Transportation will be providing some training for the Legion Riders in the near future. The training will be done before the next parade in June.

Volunteers are important, and always are appreciated by the city and all the areas and groups who benefit. The volunteers we have helping around the city in many areas are invaluable.

All of the area volunteers, wherever they help, should be thanked. Their service is always welcome, and serves our community in many areas.

Thanks again to all the area volunteers, and when we have our parades in the future, remember to say thanks to the Legion Riders. They are helping the city, the police, and helping all the parade watchers, in keeping the traffic under control when we block off a main highway through the center of town.

-Mayor Don De Vries

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From City Hall: Stay in touch at

May 7, 2014

In a continued effort to inform the public, and in an attempt to keep people up to date with city happenings, we launched a new website about a year ago.

The site still is not completely finished; I think it will never really be done, because we will always want to change something, or add more information.

If you have been a regular watcher of the Hot Springs City Council meetings on this city website, you most likely noticed a change with the last meeting.

We have a different camera, and the audio is much better than it was previously. The sound is much improved, making it easier to understand everyone.

The Hot Springs city website is To see the city council meetings, go to this website, under the City Government, see City Council, then at meeting videos, you can watch any of the city council meetings since the beginning of 2013. The sound has not as good of quality as we wanted, until the most recent meeting.

If you can’t make it to the meetings, or if you just want to see the recording of the meeting, please check it out on the city website. We still have more information we will be adding to the site shortly.

If you have suggestions or know of additional information we should have available on the site, let us know. Changes will take time, and if history is an indicator of the amount of time it may take for action on any suggestions, I can just ask you to be patient.

Our website is far better than our old site, and we will continue to add and update information in the future. Check it out; there is much information available about Hot Springs.

-Mayor Don De Vries

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