New in 2016, Residential Recycling!

Beginning in 2016, residents receiving trash services through the City of Hot Springs (residential trash service) can now participate in once-a-month curbside recycling. 

Trash services with monthly recycling included are $14.54 plus tax. Each residence will be provided with a 96 gallon tote to place recyclables. Recyclables will be collected once a month on the last Wednesday of the month. Those participating in recycling are asked to place their container in front of their residence by 7:00 AM on collection day. All other times your container should be securely stored on your property.

To sign up, contact City Hall at 605-745-3135 or stop in Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.


Items to Be Recycled Include:

Glass: Includes beverage bottles, jars, and other glass containers (please remove lids)

Plastic: Milk, detergent, soda, water, hair care, food canisters, drained oil containers, etc. Place any items with a recyclable triangle on the bottom. 

Aluminum: Aluminum bottles, beverage cans, food, hairspray, shaving cream and spray starch cans.

Steel: Vegetable, soup, food, coffee cans, empty paint cans, empty aerosol cans.

Please place items in your recycling container. You may leave labels on containers. Rinse recyclables only to keep your containers clean and odor free. Containers must be empty of product to be recycled. Containers with non-recyclable items in them will not be collected!

Not Accepted Items: Please, no paper, cardboard, or plastic bags (plastic bags may be taken to our parks and placed in the dog-waste containers)